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December 02, 2006


Bill Gassett

Rich nice job with your post. I have written a detailed article about Title V as well that I have on my website. Check it out:

Chris Edwards

Since the EPA requires homeowners to treat their septic systems, the best solution is using a Massachusetts approved septic system treatment like the Septic Helper 2000 from http://www.MillerPlante.net

Chris Edwards

Septic-Helper 2000 Approved by Massachusetts Environmental Protection Agency for Septic Tanks.

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The proper implementation of the septic system will lead to an easy and healthy environment. If septic system will not function well, it will lead to water pollution which was not good for the health. We have to clean as often as we could, to create a healthy environment.

Jetting Doylestown

Thanks Rich this was an informative post. Do you know if this has been updated since 2006? I'll bookmark your site to return later.


Nice post…Thank you for sharing some good things.

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