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March 26, 2007


home inspection new jersey

Interesting blog! I loved reading it i totally agree with everything you are saying.

home inspection morris county

Sorry if this is a little off topic but this is for Ted at his request: Anyone entering the home inspection field should be trained in the unique discipline of home inspection. Assuming that the home inspector has been properly trained and has sufficient experience, they should be able to provide a satisfactory detailed inspection of a property within the scope of their education and any home inspector licensing requirements. Where licensing or certification is not a requirement, anyone can claim to be a home inspector, and there are no laws to prevent them from doing so. Basically watch your butt!---------------------------You’re welcome. William, -the Inspector Guy

garage door opener

Just wanted to take a moment to thank the author for their post, great info!

I had the exact same issue with my garage door in my old house. What a discomfort it had been to replace those components! But as poor as it had been to fix, it was worse not having a working garage door, I didn't have any experience fixing garage doors but fortunately there's quite a bit of info on the internet and it is not that difficult. It's not difficult to find parts either; you are able to get them online or at most large hardware shops. Even mom and mom stores should have most parts. It took less than two hours from start to finish to obtain everything squared away and working once again, and hey presto! working garage door!

Christian Kuboushek

Thank you for this article on home inspectors. We recently built a house and this was the hardest part of getting it finished. While I'm glad the inspector was there to catch problems, it caused us to be in between places for a few months.

bumble bees control

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